The Fall of the Empire

I will be the first to admit that I am a little power hungry and am constantly looking to achieve the next bigger and better thing. This has been evident through much of my life and is probably a result of my only child lifestyle. I strive to achieve the next level and once that is achieved it looks no better than the last, so onwards and upwards I push.

This has no doubt been the case while crafting what I do at Saint Rose into something greater than myself. I have pushed myself to achieve a variety of endeavors without taking a moment to reflect on what I have actually done. This summer has been the first time since high school that I have had down time to take a moment and not think about what I am doing. Yes, I still calculate my next move every once and awhile but I am doing so less and less often. What I have realized looking back on the past three years is that I have almost turned “Courtney Carr” into a brand. Perhaps it is the marketer in me that made this happen but nonetheless it has happened. I have done so many things on campus that people do not know me they just know of me. That is in no way meant to sound conceded just an observation of the wake that I have left behind. I would talk about  what that feels like as it is a lonely life but then I would be digressing from the point at hand.

That point being that like any great empire it is about time that mine goes to an end. Let me note that I am also a dramatic and sarcastic person so that statement cannot be taken at face value. I have loved every moment that I have had on this campus but with a year left I know that my time is just about up. I would not have traded my time helping residents get a hang of their new lives, helping clubs get their message out there, or showing Saint Rose to people for the first time. I would like to think that I have become a part of Saint Rose in the same fashion that Saint Rose has become a part of me.

In less than a year I will be in a distant city surrounded by strangers that will more than likely have an accent. I will no longer be that crazy redhead running from one meeting to another across campus. Wait, realistically I will still be that crazy redhead but hopefully I will already be building my new empire. An empire with a longer shelf life. 

90% chance this night is going to be a shit show- 98% chance we wont remember it